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Career change and/or career development (at any stage or level) need to be carefully managed to get the right outcome for each person. The 21st century employment market has grown highly competitive and sophisticated.  Inadequate knowledge and preparation can result in lost opportunities, frustration and rejection.  People often settle for less with resultant loss in income, job satisfaction and career path.

Founded in 1991 ACMA is now a leading innovator in the delivery of high quality personalised career management, career change and outplacement services to individuals and corporates throughout Australia and overseas.

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Now you can effectively manage your career transition from ANYWHERE - ANYTIME with ACMA's advanced technology and exclusive interactive online systems (even from your tablet or smartphone)...cost effective and easy, start today!

Independent research shows that using a career management consultant can shorten your jobsearch by 27% (and with much better career outcomes)!

"Get a better job faster!"with ACMA programs providing:

  • A structured program and proven career coaching system involving a completely different approach to job search and career development based on research and analysis 
  • Help to get you totally clear on your career objective/pathway
  • Thorough preparation for the career transition or job search
  • Guidance (24/7) through proven job search methodologies/strategies including the latest Emotional Intelligence (EI), Rapid Pathway Molding (RPM), Narrative Therapy (NT), Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) & Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) techniques
  • Profile differentiating your unique qualities and skills from others; with a complete portfolio of "self-marketing" techniques, tools and methods
  • Evidence based advice to assist to you land the RIGHT job sooner, with maximum remuneration
  • Development of a long-term plan for ongoing career management
  • Personalised support through the challenging or discouraging moments, including salary negotiation
  • Coaching (24/7) through all stages such as networking, interviewing, negotiating, psychometric testing, finding hidden jobs and more...
  • Highly effective tools and resources needed for career transition success (now and into the future), plus developing your all important online digital and social media profile
  • Learn how to recession proof your career for the long term
  • Be personally case managed by Australia's leading career management consultants

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Intensive interview training makes a big difference!

Personalised interview coaching will assist you to perform at your best every time to be the "most outstanding candidate".

Got an interview tomorrow?  Call us now and we will help prepare you overnight...including a "mock interview"! (7 days a week)

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Testimonials ...

"As a busy executive I had no concept how to drive my career to the next level. Your guidance and professionalism helped me to obtain my current position".

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Let ACMA be your personal "GPS system" and guide you to your next career move!

ACMA has the most advanced interactive online career management system in Australia!

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Your Career Fitness

"Making good career decisions today is a sound investment in your future"  Your "CAREER FITNESS" starts here!

Job seekers often over-emphasise the resume because their other “tools” are weak or nonexistent. But the resume should actually be one of your least used job-seeking tools! Unfortunately, most people don’t know what these other tools are or how to use them...Let ACMA show you a better way!

Learn how to properly communicate your value to prospective employers and to master key strategies to help you in your job search and/or career development. Discover techniques to gain direct access to your preferred employers and much more...

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Personalised Career Plan

Have your personalised career plan professionally developed to give you clear goals, strategies and pathways to assist you to get your next job or promotion!

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We are so confident in our proven systems and methods that we will work with you for as long as it takes to achieve a satisfactory placement.

Unlimited contacts/sessions and length of program...with 24/7 toll free Hotline, embedded SMS and online support anytime from anywhere!

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