Introvert's Career Coaching

Introvert's Career Coaching

Approximately 50% of the population are introverts to varying degrees (including ambiverts), and are highly disadvantaged in the recruitment and job interview process.

Extroverts rule in the whole hiring cycle, from application stage through to interviews.  No single group is so totally ignored as introverts, who are simply applying for a job that they are highly skilled to perform.

  • Can’t boast about your skills and achievements…BAD LUCK!
  • Can’t talk about yourself fluently and positively…BAD LUCK!
  • Lack confidence or resilience…BAD LUCK!
  • Have a speech impediment...BAD LUCK
  • Shy…BAD LUCK!
  • Culturally different…BAD LUCK!
  • Become overwhelmed by nerves...BAD LUCK!

Have you ever met an introverted recruiter?  They don’t exist, so forget about empathy and consideration for any level of introversion. 

Technology is now making it worse for introverts with the introduction of online video applications and interviews...that's right no more CV's just create a video of yourself.  Absolutely no consideration for introverts and their significant limitations to navigate these technologies (extroverts must be laughing).

The good news is that with careful coaching and professional assistance these personality traits can be managed by learning new skills and techniques.

Most introverts are astute and can quickly learn how to cope and overcome their personal limitations…with the right tuition of course.

ACMA provides intensive professional support designed to allow introverts to grow and break through these barriers to get the job and career they richly deserve.

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