The Client Comes First

The Client Comes First

ACMA career consultants intensely focus not only on a client’s career goals but also on his or her personal aspirations.

The decision to seek out the services of a career consultant is frequently based on the desire to increase personal as well as financial career rewards. Other job-industry professionals such as recruiters and hiring managers operate with the needs of companies in mind.

Working with an ACMA consultant is a unique opportunity to focus on your needs only, a chance to give serious thought to your important personal considerations, job satisfaction and lifestyle.

The decision to advance/develop or change your career is an important one, and often confusing. Many people resist making such a move and stay in a familiar but dissatisfying position or industry for the entire length of their careers.

The services of a good career consultant can make the difference between a trial-and-error approach and a smooth and optimal transition by empowering the client with the confidence, strategies and expert support to “GET THE RIGHT JOB WITH THE RIGHT ORGANISATION”.

Note: A Frontiers in Psychology study found that higher job and life satisfaction was achieved by those who utilised a career coach.

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