Graduate Interviews & Job Offers

Graduate Interviews & Job Offers

A good friend in tough times!

Graduates continually struggle to get the right job (often simply because they lack vital employment market and recruitment process knowledge).

The formula is very basic: JOB OFFER=PPP+MI...

Preparation, preparation, preparation, plus a mock interview will lead successful candidates to a job offer.

The single (recurring reason) for graduates not getting suitable job offers and performing well at an interview is "lack of professional preparation".

Detailed preparation for a graduate job search and interview is the key to success and being offered the position.  The era of “winging it” belongs to the last century as the methods and tactics employers and recruiters use today are both complex and process-driven.

This is true for all levels of the workforce and to graduates in particular.

The 21st-century graduate employment market has grown highly competitive and sophisticated.  Inadequate knowledge and preparation can result in lost opportunities, frustration and rejection (and for some graduates never fully utilising their education).

ACMA graduate interview coaching is your key to success!  Learn how to answer difficult interview questions, how to clearly demonstrate your value, tips to project a positive attitude, plus follow-up strategies to get more offers!

Let ACMA's graduate career management program drive your career to its maximum potential...


ACMA creates successful career-paths through detailed individual assessment, research and job market analysis, combined with expert personalised coaching.

Note: Career Development Association of  Australia research paper found that when professional career guidance occurred that the participant was 2.67 times more likely to secure a job. 

All program services can be delivered via our interactive online cloud-based career management "Career Talk" system and/or "one-on-one" in our Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Cairns or Auckland offices.



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