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It has been a pleasure working with ACMA as I was reconsidering my career options. ACMA's wealth of knowledge and expertise about the  Australian job market was instrumental in reconfiguring my transferable skills into the reality of the market.  The approach is systematic, realistic and encompassing every tool that a change in career requires. I see ACMA as a lifetime career mentor and would consider their consultation services alongside my career planning in future too.

ACMA will show you how to open the doors you didn’t know existed. A very knowledgeable expert.

ACMA is very professional and committed to clients success. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

If you are questioning your career and the best direction to take, it can feel a little daunting on where to start. ACMA is amazing at assisting you to find the right path and supports you with the correct tools to achieve your best results. Thanks for your wonderful support.

ACMA is a very dedicated and experienced career specialist who provided fantastic support and guidance to me in my career path. They were a calming influence who provided invaluable advice about how to prepare for an interview. Always available to bounce an idea off seven days a week at all hours of the day. A true professional.

Experienced, professional, and excellent career coaching and consultant. ACMA has got many methods and techniques for career development and job hunting strategies all the best.

Definitely a compliment on your service – we appreciate it during these sensitive times.

Thank you with all of your assistance and advice in response to my career coaching and proposed next steps. I sincerely appreciate your input and expertise, both when dealing with me directly and in providing advice.

I hope all is well! Actually referred a friend to you last week who lost his job. Keep doing your great work!

Associated Career Management are a significant step up in recruitment education and career targeting. By getting involved with the program you immediately elevate your game plan with new targeted knowledge around where keys roles are and how to gain access to them. Additionally, ACMA provides very specific and comprehensive action plans to create activity, momentum and confidence in the process of seeking out exactly what you want and getting it. I highly recommend this very valuable and professional service.

I used ACMA’s career management services recently and would recommend them to any professional. The program works in a systematic way and is underpinned by extensive experience and a large amount of research. They provided me with invaluable advice and were always available at short notice. I especially valued the mock interviews. I will definitely use ACMA again if the need arises. I would like to take this opportunity to advise that we were most impressed by the supportive nature and sincere approach you appear to adopt at all stages of the program.

The expert advice was instrumental in my recent career move. Taking me from A to Z of polishing all aspects of my professional image, advice and coaching on applications, interviews, and follow up mentoring to adjust more easily. They also supplied me with extensive documentation, explaining in detail how to approach each stage of career transition.

I would strongly recommend ACMA for advice on career transition management. They are experts in the field and provided me with invaluable advice. They were always very prompt, genuine in their advice, are very friendly and had a tailored and thoughtful approach. There are many fantastic online tools for self-assessment and with many years of experience and positive outlook, they were instrumental in my successful career transition.

Their guidance and support were invaluable to me after being made redundant. Having spent nearly 20 years with the same company, looking for a new job seemed a daunting task. They were constant support, helping to navigate me through an unfamiliar job search environment. They kept me focused when self-doubt crept in and gave me the tools and confidence to apply for jobs. Armed with the advice ACMA gave me, I was able to get through my first interview in 2 decades, and was fortunate to land the job. Even after 4 months in the job they still check in on me to see how I'm going, offering guidance if I need it. I am so grateful for ACMA's support and would highly recommend this service to anyone.

The advice and guidance proved to be invaluable to me during my recent period of career transition. The program is a complete package it includes tools to help determine career options and further study requirements, CV framework and interview support. It incorporates high levels of individual accountability into the job search process thus ensuring I remained focussed and on track. They maintain weekly contact, however, are available for 24-hour support should it be required. Thank you

ACMA provides a unique professional process which allows individuals to gain knowledge about their current skillset and also skills that they were previously unaware of.  They provide a detailed process gained from their inside knowledge from which individuals can best leverage these skills in the increasingly competitive marketplace. "Working with ACMA is an excellent opportunity to learn about and apply one's strengths in the marketplace".

ACMA was instrumental in helping me achieve my dream job at my dream workplace. They helped me every step of the way and took the time to answer any question I had no matter what time it was. They prompt in answering calls & emails and always professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to improve their career knowledge and professional development. I honestly cannot thank them enough. 

I have been using the ACMA career management portal and found it a very useful tool. The platform guides you through a structured process of advancing your career and also manages all emails and text message correspondence with the team which helps to keep track of where you are at. They have been great to work with and have been happy to provide ad hoc advice beyond their core role. I found them helpful, positive and very responsive.

I would like to thank you for everything you did in assisting me to not only achieve but exceed my expectations in looking to change direction with my career.

Your long distance counselling services (even with limited internet access) is a real asset for interstate and remote area people.

Thanks heaps for all of your help...it is a great program that I will be sure to recommend to any of my family in a similar position.

Thank you for your counsel and guidance, most significant of which was helping me make the decision to do the MBA.

Thank you for the service you have provided to me over the last eight weeks.  You played a significant role in my transition from the Army to getting a job in the civilian world.

The job market strategies I have learnt and perspective regarding employment opportunities under your tutelage have been invaluable.

It would be my pleasure to recommend your services to any individual and/or company requiring assistance in career management.

I would not have obtained this position without your assistance, guidance and professionalism.

I got the job...thanks for everything it wouldn't have happened without your coaching.

This was the second time using your services.  I was still impressed with the level of service you provided for me.  Without your advice, suggestions and instructions I could easily have lost focus.

Thank you for your wisdom, understanding and in depth knowledge of the executive job market, intensive training and support at all stages.

The career coaching services provided to our staff during this difficult time of retrenchment has made them feel far more positive about their futures.

The position was not advertised as you predicted, it was word of mouth that did it.

The support, coaching, direction and guidance provided by you, I am sure were the deciding factors.

You have a remarkable way of gently nudging clients towards trying new ways of marketing themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. While it took some convincing on his part for me to try the new techniques, ultimately his advice has proved both accurate and insightful. I have no hesitation in recommending ACMA.

From initial assistance to tailor making my resume and applications for each job to coaching for the interview process proved invaluable.

You are excellent career counsellors, with in-depth knowledge of the field, giving practical suggestions, value-added service and comprehensive, reliable guidance all the way. Will strongly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a professional career coaching service.

What impressed me was that you were able to provide me with an exceptional level of service despite me being in Perth and having limited internet access.

I thank you for your help, tuition and guidance as it ultimately achieved the goal of finding me a better job.

The hidden value of your program is the ability to network and tap into the hidden job market.

Your advice and guidance proved to be invaluable to me during my recent period of career transition...the program is a complete package.

I recommend anyone who is frustrated with their job search to use your career transition management program.

You played a significant role in my job search and kept me focused and confident.  Your program kept me disciplined in writing my job applications and the format of the letters.

You provide a unique professional process which allows individuals to gain knowledge about their current skillset and also skills that they were previously unaware of.

I was completely frustrated about job search here in Australia which almost all migrants face.  Since day one I could see the difference in the suggestions, information and guidance given that worked for me and within one and half months I finally got a decent job.

You offer a unique yet personal service to people who are looking to re-align their career paths. The system works well and helps the candidate refine and identify their core skill sets, thereby making the transition into other careers easier. ACMA is a good service for people who want to help seeking out a change in careers.

You gave me many positive approaches to undertake particularly, in relation to interview preparation and technique. The result was that I managed to get a much better job in a very short time.

As a mature worker and a migrant, you guided me through every process with a strategic approach and kept encouraging me. Without your help, I would not have been able to achieve my goal.

I needed your expertise to help get me reconnected with the C-Level world of General Business in Australia after my re-entry from 12 years in overseas assignments.

You are experienced senior careers practitioners that are capable of providing in-depth advice to professionals seeking to change industries...areas of expertise include career assessment and vocational outplacement.

You guided me through every process with a strategic approach and kept encouraging me. Without your help, I would not be able to achieve my goal.  You provided me with solutions in a professional manner, which was what I needed.

The first interview went extremely well...the 30/60 day objectives was very well received with feedback from HR was that I was the only one to do that and was perceived as being well prepared.