Imposter Syndrome Assistance

Imposter Syndrome Assistance

A major barrier for many people to advancing their careers and maximising their opportunities is known as The Imposter Syndrome.

People with the following thoughts and beliefs are most likely to be suffering from IS:

  • Worries constantly about not meeting others' expectations despite significant achievements in life or work
  • Rationalises that luck and outside factors contribute to accomplishments at work
  • Feels overestimated by others
  • Feels undeserving of praise and views compliments as being disingenuous
  • Disregards personal strengths, limits potential and denies success
  • Has the unproven belief that not being as smart as others discourages professional and personal advancement
  • Works really hard, yet rejects the idea of celebrating achievements

Have you ever thought that you passed a test because of luck? Or think that you will not get a job because you are not smart like other applicants?

All of the above are symptoms of people afflicted by The Imposter Syndrome (IS).

If this is you, then help is close at hand with the ACMA Career Management programs assisting people to gain self belief and a healthier outlook on life in general, and their value to the workforce in particular.

Be coached to eliminate these negative and self defeating thoughts and to view yourself from a completely different perspective.  

The good news is that these are simply learned behaviours that with personalised guidance can CHANGE YOUR LIFE and CHANGE YOUR CAREER!

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