Advanced Vocational Assessment

Advanced Vocational Assessment

It is common for people from any background or age group to have little or no concept of what job or career pathways are suitable for them.

With thousands of positions available across multiple sectors where do you start?  How can you personally analyse this vast amount of data and decide on your perfect career match (you probably have more chance of winning Tattslotto).

ACMA offers the solution, with its Advanced Vocational Assessment program suitable for anyone aged 18 to 65.

From the comfort of your home or workplace, and under the care of your own personal career management consultant, you will be directly guided through a “blended learning process” consisting of online assessments and personalised advice and interpretation.

Good career choices are based on a combination of factors and relevant employment data.  No use moving into a job in a declining sector.

Detailed analysis and collaboration with your consultant will clarify many issues and open the door to career opportunities and occupational awareness.

Ongoing discussions and examination of career options, plus two written reports are all part of the journey of discovery that your career consultant will guide you through.

The jobs and career opportunities are out there right NOW…it’s just that most people lack awareness of the “big wide world of work”.

Get a better job faster! with ACMA programs providing:

  • A structured program and proven career coaching system involving a completely different approach to job search and career development based on research and analysis 
  • Help to get you totally clear on your career objective/pathway
  • Thorough preparation for the career transition or job search
  • Guidance (24/7) through proven job search methodologies/strategies including the latest Emotional Intelligence (EI), Rapid Pathway Molding (RPM), Narrative Therapy (NT), Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) & Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) techniques
  • Profile differentiating your unique qualities and skills from others; with a complete portfolio of "self-marketing" techniques, tools and methods
  • Evidence based assistance to land you the RIGHT job sooner, with maximum remuneration
  • Development of a long-term plan for ongoing career management including retraining and/or upskilling options
  • Personalised support through the challenging or discouraging moments, including salary negotiation
  • Coaching (24/7) through all stages such as networking, interviewing, negotiating, psychometric testing, finding hidden jobs and more...
  • Highly effective tools and resources needed for career transition success (now and into the future), plus developing your all important online digital and social media profiles
  • Learn how to recession proof your career for the long term
  • Be personally case managed by Australia's leading career management consultants

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