How to achieve a career change

How to achieve a career change

It is difficult for most people to identify new industry sectors, occupations and pursuits that ideally suite their career and lifestyle aspirations.

Here are some tips:

  • Know yourself deeply
  • Identify your key transferable skills
  • View your career and life to date as an outsider looking in
  • Make an inventory of your talents
  • Honestly review past behaviours and limiting thought patterns
  • Break through limited beliefs and mindsets
  • Develop a realistic career vision and do not sabotage it with negative thoughts...there will always be some negatives to any decision
  • Research, research and research any new career/job you think may be suitable...this is an exercise that you HAVE TO GET RIGHT
  • Ensure that all future career options align with your values, energy, patience and most importantly your expectations
  • Develop a 6 to 12 month Career Plan that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART)
  • Don't try and change your career without professional assistance as it is too important to get wrong
  • Accept the fact that career change is both complex and potentially a life defining event

Let ACMA assist you to achieve a great career change!

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Antonio Bohua says:
Hi there, I am 50 years old and currently working on the building industry as a Data tech (communications cabling) for the last 25 years. Looking to change even if it is related to what I'm doing now.
Thank you.