Career Assessment Australia

Career Assessment Australia

The ACMA career assistance program is based on a detailed initial career assessment process, built around the seven steps you need to work through to find your next career move and some likely moves after that. But it offers more than that. If you apply the Seven Steps effectively you can design and create the life you want to live.

Career assessment is the key to achieving excellent career outcomes...

The Seven Steps incorporate the four foundation areas of traditional career development best practice, which are:

  • Self-awareness - learning about yourself in relation to work
  • Opportunity-awareness - learning about the world of work and your options
  • Decision making - learning to make career decisions and goals
  • Transition skills - implementing career decisions and managing work transitions.

Here is an overview of the Seven Steps:

The Seven Steps

Client - Career Consultant

What to expect when working with your ACMA career consultant!

Your consultant is committed to being trustworthy, respectful, friendly, down-to-earth, well prepared, and focused on your needs.

To get the very best result for yourself it is important to approach your career situation as a partnership between yourself and the consultant. The nature of this working alliance is highlighted in the table below.

Consultant's Role/Client's Role

  • CONSULTANT: will create a safe, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere
  • CLIENT: should enjoy the process!
  • CONSULTANT: will provide comprehensive career development and/or job search process
  • CLIENT: should be committed to working through the process and take responsibility for your final choices
  • CONSULTANT: will ask questions which stimulate self-awareness and listen carefully
  • CLIENT: should reflect deeply before, during and after counselling or workshop sessions and say what you really think and feel
  • CONSULTANT: will provide observations, ideas, strategies, and resources
  • CLIENT: should do the personal work and set tasks before and after sessions and be ready to consider new ideas
  • CONSULTANT: will provide appropriate career assessments and computer-based tools, and assist you in interpreting the results
  • CLIENT: should thoughtfully explore new information - you are the final authority on yourself, not a test

Clients should be aware that it is normal for many people to try to avoid the anxiety of their responsibility for choosing their own career path. Some do this by letting parents, teachers, friends, or employers decide for them. The normal outcome of this career trap is a work-life that may suit these other people but not you.

It is important for you to listen and learn from others but to make your own career decisions in the end. Formal written career assessment tests are useful for increasing self-awareness and suggesting a list of possible options to consider but there is no test that can tell you exactly what you should do. There are too many factors that only you can identify and weigh up. This is now widely recognised by career consultants who are up-to-date in the field.

Hence, our aim is to help you find your own answers! The resources, individual counselling, and unique Seven Module program we utilise not only enable you to choose your next career step but also empower you to make better career decisions throughout your life. We would rather teach you to fish than just give you your fish for today.

We provide the resources, strategies and support to enable YOU to discover and create your ideal career-life! All based on your initial career assessment and related ACMA strategies, plus up to date employment market trends, research and analysis.

ACMA creates successful career-paths through detailed individual assessment, research and job market analysis, combined with expert personalised coaching.

Note: Career Development Association of  Australia research paper found that when professional career guidance occurred that the participant was 2.67 times more likely to secure a job. 

All program services can be delivered via our interactive online cloud-based career management "Career Talk" system and/or "one-on-one" in our Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne or Auckland offices.

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