Tony Crosby - International Career Coach, Strategist & Mentor

Tony Crosby - International Career Coach, Strategist & Mentor

Tony Crosby

Adv. Dip. of Business Management
Adv. Dip. of Business (Human Resources)
Dip. of Career Guidance
Grad. Cert. of Career Guidance Management

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  • Tony commenced his career in the career development profession in 1996 after many years at CEO level (embracing financial services, technology, retailing, recruitment and business consulting).
  • Associated Career Management Australia is focused on the delivery of quality products and services (throughout Australia and Asia/Pacific regions) in the human resource management areas of career transition management and corporate outplacement.
  • The underlying philosophy of ACMA is the personalised and targeted provision of services, plus the ongoing management and support to ensure achievement of all desired outcomes.
  • Tony is internationally recognised as one of Australia’s leading career management professionals and author, having successfully assisted thousands of clients, lectured on career management techniques and appeared as an expert witness in career related matters.
  • Born in Melbourne, Tony is a self educated person with a burning passion for personal development in all aspects of his and his client’s lives.
  • Tony is a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia and member of the Association of Career Professionals International; and is the first career development practitioner in Australia to have achieved international accreditation by the Institute of Career Certification International - “Career Management Fellow” status, plus a Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resources Institute.
  • Internationally Tony has represented Australia at the ICCI as a Global Ambassador, and as a member of the Application Review Panel assessing other career professionals worldwide (2010, 2011 & 2012 listed in the Stanford Who’s Who for his global contribution to the career management/development & outplacement profession).
  • Holds tertiary qualifications in business management, human resources, career guidance/management and career counselling that underpin his extensive understanding of commerce and the employment needs of business throughout Australia and the Asia/Pacific regions (both private enterprise and public sectors).
  • Tony has a broad general knowledge on politics, economics, local and international affairs, management, technology, philosophy, neuroscience and the arts, as well as being an active sportsperson throughout his life.
  • The opportunity to provide high quality targeted vocational assistance and strategic career management advice for people (from any background or location) to achieve excellent career choices and outcomes is ACMA’s objective... “Vincit Qui Patitur”

Note: A Frontiers in Psychology study found that higher job and life satisfaction was achieved by those who utilised a career coach.

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