People diagnosed with a chronic illness face uncertainty about employment prospects.  Physical or mental illness should not be accepted as a barrier to gaining worthwhile employment, many CI people have much to offer the workforce.

Working closely with your career consultant, CI people are provided with tools to create and adjust to a long term Action Plan.  Intensive assistance is then provided on multiple levels to gain entry to the workforce or to remain in their current position.

Two factors have been shown to be effective in increasing the likelihood that people with CI maintain successful employment:

Self advocacy: -gathering information, speaking up for themselves and making decisions for themselves about what is best for their quality of life

Environmentally focused job retention approach: -identifying specific work barriers on site and effectively communicating accommodation options to the employer

Personalised 7 day per week support is provided to ensure clients have the best chance of gaining and keeping worthwhile employment.

Career consultants can also refer CI people to other support, resources and organisations (if necessary)...empower yourself with professional career guidance.

Apart from financial necessity, a person with CI has good reasons to work.  The social and intellectual engagement that working provides is often therapeutic.  Working helps the person focus on something other than their illness, and can provide a source of identity separate from being a person with a Chronic Illness.

The ACMA career management program provides a holistic approach delivered within a case management framework.

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