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It would be my pleasure to recommend your services to any individual and/or company requiring assistance in career management.

I would not have obtained this position without your assistance, guidance and professionalism.

I got the job...thanks for everything it wouldn't have happened without your coaching.

This was the second time using your services.  I was still impressed with the level of service you provided for me.  Without your advice, suggestions and instructions I could easily have lost focus.

Thank you for your wisdom, understanding and in depth knowledge of the executive job market, intensive training and support at all stages.

The career coaching services provided to our staff during this difficult time of retrenchment has made them feel far more positive about their futures.

The position was not advertised as you predicted, it was word of mouth that did it.

The support, coaching, direction and guidance provided by you, I am sure were the deciding factors.

From initial assistance to tailor making my resume and applications for each job to coaching for the interview process proved invaluable.

You are excellent career counsellors, with in-depth knowledge of the field, giving practical suggestions, value-added service and comprehensive, reliable guidance all the way. Will strongly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a professional career coaching service.

What impressed me was that you were able to provide me with an exceptional level of service despite me being in Perth and having limited internet access.

I thank you for your help, tuition and guidance as it ultimately achieved the goal of finding me a better job.

The hidden value of your program is the ability to network and tap into the hidden job market.

Your advice and guidance proved to be invaluable to me during my recent period of career transition...the program is a complete package.

I recommend anyone who is frustrated with their job search to use your career transition management program.

You played a significant role in my job search and kept me focused and confident.  Your program kept me disciplined in writing my job applications and the format of the letters.

You provide a unique professional process which allows individuals to gain knowledge about their current skillset and also skills that they were previously unaware of.

I was completely frustrated about job search here in Australia which almost all migrants face.  Since day one I could see the difference in the suggestions, information and guidance given that worked for me and within one and half months I finally got a decent job.

You offer a unique yet personal service to people who are looking to re-align their career paths. The system works well and helps the candidate refine and identify their core skill sets, thereby making the transition into other careers easier. ACMA is a good service for people who want to help seeking out a change in careers.

You gave me many positive approaches to undertake particularly, in relation to interview preparation and technique. The result was that I managed to get a much better job in a very short time.

As a mature worker and a migrant, you guided me through every process with a strategic approach and kept encouraging me. Without your help, I would not have been able to achieve my goal.

I needed your expertise to help get me reconnected with the C-Level world of General Business in Australia after my re-entry from 12 years in overseas assignments.

You are experienced senior careers practitioners that are capable of providing in-depth advice to professionals seeking to change industries...areas of expertise include career assessment and vocational outplacement.

You guided me through every process with a strategic approach and kept encouraging me. Without your help, I would not be able to achieve my goal.  You provided me with solutions in a professional manner, which was what I needed.

The first interview went extremely well...the 30/60 day objectives was very well received with feedback from HR was that I was the only one to do that and was perceived as being well prepared.

I will definitely recommit as you have an invaluable service and excellent support and guidance.

ACMA's customised guidance and advice package offer an excellent service during uncertain times in your career.

I followed the interview preparation notes and can seriously say I have never been so confident during an interview.

You were always one step ahead in my requirements and was very focussed around what I needed based on my experience and occupation. As a coach, you were very trustworthy and full of knowledgeable and helpful hints and tips.

I highly recommend ACMA for their interview and networking skills training.

Thank you so much for everything...your methods are excellent.

Thank you for your input and guidance during my recent "job hunting" process...the ideas and processes that you shared were invaluable and a great help.

You were incredible when it came to being there and lifting my motivation as well as re-installing my confidence.

Thanks for your support during my forced redundancy period, I'm now well down the path of leading my career in the direction I always wanted it to go.

I am impressed with the way you are managing your LinkedIn profile via your posts. You appear to have mastered this and are certainly a good example for your clients.

The five questions we did in the mock interview were all asked by the panel..so well done for your mock questions (design).

I am sure there are many people who are grateful for your experience and assistance.???

I never considered it (occupation), but it sounds right up my alley...I feel you hit the nail right on the head.

I feel very positive and comfortable with your approach and believe the process will provide significant benefits for me.

I am certainly presenting much better and conveying my abilities much better...thanks to your coaching.

I have found that marketing myself to get access to the hidden market is working (thanks to your advice)...so a big thank you.

I would strongly recommend your many fantastic online assessment tools.

Thank you very much for your professional guidance in the job hunting...particularly reaching out to personal networks.

I do thank you for your assistance ?in my new journey.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your service, help and encouragement...it definitely helped drive me to get the job I really wanted.??

I have learnt more from you in the last couple of weeks than over the entire eleven months of my job search.??

Thank you very much for your time and effort; it was a productive and interesting review.

I was able to answer all the questions coherently and concisely...your mock questions were very helpful.

Wow! What a tool!...I am actually studying Careers Education and Development and was just browsing your website for research.

Thank you for helping me prepare for an interview. It went really well. The practise questions which you have listed really helped a lot. I often think about your service and will always be grateful for your support...you go above and beyond.