Redundancy experience

Redundancy experience

In most cases when people are told of their redundancy, it comes as a shock.  It is an emotional hit on par with a death in the family, divorce or other similar awful events.

The first 24 to 48 hours is a critical time for retrenched workers as they come to terms with their new situation. Enforced workplace change is confronting and very unpleasant.

These emotions are perfectly normal and will diminish in time, so redundant people should understand that it is a passing phase only and there is life after redundancy.

People sometimes feel ashamed because they have been made redundant, and even try and hide it on their resume or not tell friends and associates about what has happened.  Being overwhelmed by these events will not get you into another job...only a planned and strategically executed job search will get you back into the workforce.

Remember that it is the job that is redundant NOT YOU!

Be kind to yourself and family, take a break and refocus as this is an opportunity to re-evaluated many aspects of your life and work.

Use it as a positive time to reflect, review and go on to better and greater times...this does happen!

While there is definitely a period of healing involved it cannot continue forever.  Allow yourself 14 days to recover, then get on with your job search, engage a career advisor to assist and start being proactive.

Recruiters and employers deal with people moving through the redundancy cycle everyday so this fact will be neither new to them or a barrier for you.  So "throw out" your negative thoughts and concentrate on your skill set, work and personal achievements and document how you can add value to your next employer.

In the modern workforce it is common for people to have at least six career changes in their lifetime, and particularly if you have been with one employer for many years it is probably time that you moved on anyway, so perhaps your former employer has done you a favour.

Approach your redundancy as a chance for your to explore new employers, industry sectors and to broaden your career horizon.  It is a big world out there, abounding with opportunities and possibilities.  Being with one employer over a period can lead to tunnel vision and becoming limited/trapped by your comfort zone.

This is a time to learn new skills, gain additional qualifications, meet new people and embrace change.

Job search is very difficult without professional assistance so ensure that your redunancy package includes outplacement support paid for by your employer, and if it is not automatically included, then it is time to become assertive and demand this industry standard benefit.  Employers will be wary of any brand damage and possible internal staff runctions if you are not treated fairly, so you probably have more leverage than you realise at this point.

In general, the wider you set your career options in relation to job title, industry sector and location the easier it will be for you to transition into your next position.  Some people can be flexible and others cannot due to family commitments etc.; however these are critical factors to be considered.

Enjoy the journey as you deserve a great outcome!

"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandella

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