Executive career planning

Executive career planning

You could not build a house without a plan and you cannot build a successful executive career without a plan...its as simple as that!

Successful executive careers are not built on "happenstance"...ask any successful person.

Think of the "building a house" analogy and start with the foundations such as your current qualifications and expertise...who would want them in the next 3 to 5 years.

Can your current position/occupation be outsourced and what alternatives are available to you should this occur.  Revolutionary changes are happening this very moment in every workplace with technology and downsizing driving mammoth workplace and structural change across the globe.

Research industry sectors that have growth not contraction, and are well resourced.

Examine the human resource practices and values of potential companies that you would like to work for.

Connect with people you know that can give you good intelligence on all of the above factors. 

What income level do you need to support your lifestyle?

Once you have completed of these tasks you are ready to start planning...don't take short cuts or make uninformed assumptions.

Executive career planning should be done on 3 to 5 year timeframes, anything else can be unrealistic.  Your career plan is a researched and achievable document not a heroic prediction (look at it as your personal career GPS system).

Engage professional executive career management assistance to ensure that your career never stagnates.

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