I don't get interviews

I don't get interviews

People often submit numerous job applications and never get a response.

A common complaint from job seekers is that they submit many applications and never hear back from the employer or recruiter.

The cold hard truth is that employers and recruiters often get so many applications that they cannot look at hundreds of CV's...it is physically impossible.

So what can you do to get your application seriously considered so that you get that all important invitation for an interview?

  • Stop applying online and competing against hundreds of other candidates
  • Stop focusing simply on your resume and look at the broader employment market
  • Use a set of job search tools and activities that pro-actively search for jobs...don't simply wait for a job to be advertised
  • Develop a strategy to connect directly with employers that you would like to work for
  • Do not take rejection or no application replies personally
  • Obtain good career advice tailored to your personality and situation

Let ACMA assist you to find the right job with the right organisation.

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