Armed Forces Career Tranistion

Armed Forces Career Tranistion

Former armed services personnel need intensive assistance to successfully transition into the civilian workforce.

The simple over riding fact is that civilian life is very different to the military, and even more so when it comes to changing careers and moving into new employment sectors.

Former ADF people are often highly valued in the civilian work force due to their extensive training, personal discipline and team orientation. In fact there is a significant presence of former senior ADF personnel in the ranks of corporate management in Australia for that very reason.

Transitioning into a new job is complex and needs to be carefully managed to ensure that you get the right job with the right organisation. You will be exposed to seemingly endless and silly application protocols that can be daunting for most people.

Making the right career choices is critical to your future.

Using ACMA's unique online career management system means you can work closely with your career management consultant from anywhere in Australia and/or overseas.

Let ACMA assist you to transition into the civilian workforce as easily as possible.

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