Anatomy of a job search

Anatomy of a job search

A successful job search is based on utilising the right strategies and applying them in a consistent, systematic and proven manner.

Each person’s unique situation, potential, personality, talents, education and personal career aspirations must be factored into the process.

No two job searches are the same…

There are six critical stages to any job search:







No stage can be avoided or is similar to building a brick wall, with the ASSESSMENT stage being the foundations.

Most people struggle with a job search because they do not have the knowledge or skills to manage each of the above stages in a professional and disciplined approach.  Think of a job search as a project that has to be PROJECT MANAGED from beginning to end.

In reality, a job search is an extremely complex task to get right.  A person's livelihood, family and assets can be at risk if a new job takes too long to "track down".

The emotional toll on a person conducting a job search can be crushing, so the quicker a "good result" is achieved the better. 

A prolonged job search should be avoided at all costs.

Therein lies the problem, taking any job offer or a pay cut often crucifies the career and ambitions simply because a person does not have the skills necessary to conduct an effective job search. Being highly skilled at your usual day job does not translate into being highly skilled in managing a job search (THEY ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SKILL SETS).

A good job search outcome is finding THE RIGHT JOB WITH THE RIGHT COMPANY...anything less is not be acceptable.

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