Being interviewed by a robot...what could possibly go wrong?

Being interviewed by a robot...what could possibly go wrong?

Robots are NOW an integral part of the interview had better be properly prepared to navigate these "beasts" in order to get your next job.

Interview preparation and coaching, including detailed assistance with behavioural interviews, personal presentation, body language and robots. 

One on one interview training involving "mock interviews", post interview tactics and advanced strategies to win interviews in this highly competitive job market.

Learn responses to tough interview questions, how to articulate your value, tips to maintain a proper attitude, and appropriate follow-up strategies to get more offers!

"Personalised interview training anytime and anywhere"!

Detailed preparation for any interview is the key to success and being offered the position.  The era of “winging it” belongs to the last century as the methods and tactics employers and recruiters use today are both complex and process driven.

This is true for all levels of the workforce ranging from graduates to CEO’s, and everything in between.

The 21st century employment market has grown highly competitive and sophisticated.  Inadequate knowledge and preparation can result in lost opportunities, frustration and rejection.

Do you freeze-up at the prospect of going on a job interview? Do your hands get sweaty; does your stomach get “tied in a knot?”

It’s a fact that better interviews get better job offers! Yet most candidates show-up for interviews unprepared! The key to “aceing” the interview is to practice and be fully-prepared!

Job interviews with a robot...what could possibly go wrong?

It is vital that you professionally prepare for a range of interview formats such as:

  • Face to face
  • Traditional
  • Behavioural
  • Situational
  • Stress
  • Panel
  • Group
  • Scenario Based
  • Robot interviews
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Online digital/video
  • Case
  • Technical Based
  •  Values Based
  • STAR Method
  • Gamified
  • Game Based Assessment (GBA)
  • e-R&S
  • Asynchronous Interviews

ACMA has developed an intensive interview preparation program that offers people (throughout Australia/NZ) the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with a qualified career management consultant to ensure that they are professionally ready for their next interview (whatever format used).

We are geared to respond quickly to client needs and will even work with clients over night or on weekends if necessary.

To help people to present as a “top quality candidate” we work within the following structure:

  • Immediately review all your job application documents, the original advertisement and/or position description
  • Set initial preparatory tasks
  • Investigate the job and industry sector to get a thorough understanding of the job opportunity
  • Develop a set of “highly likely” questions (and answers) that may be asked
  • Assist with detailed written preparation on the these questions
  • Conduct 1 on 1 “Mock Interview”
  • Coach interview relaxation tips
  • Manage anxiety and interview nerves
  • Build confidence and knowledge through specific interview training
  • All levels of private and public sector interviews covered
  • Post interview review and strategy development
  • Assistance with salary negotiation
  • Plus much more...

Unlimited interview preparations with no time limitations are automatically included.

"Learn life long interview preparation skills and techniques"

Interview tip: Candidates who are relaxed and able to answer questions such as, ‘How are you?’ in a calm, enthusiastic way will be perceived as ‘fitting in’.

Recent client feedback:

“The five questions we did in the mock interview were all asked by the panel…so well done for your mock questions (design)”

“I highly recommend ACMA for their interview and networking skills training”

“I followed the interview preparation notes and can seriously say I have never been so confident during an interview”

"I am certainly presenting much better and conveying my abilities much better...thanks to your coaching"

"The questions we practiced where what I was asked in the my preparation helped"

"Thank you very much for the wonderful interview training excercise and very important points, which I am taking onboard"

"I was able to answer all the questions coherently and concisely...your mock questions were very helpful"

"I would like to thank you for your advice and support to perform my interview skills"

"Thank you for helping me prepare for an interview. It went really well. The practice questions which you have listed really helped a lot" 

"Thank you! Your advice as well as the mock interviews really helped! I really apprecite that..."

"You have profound knowledge regarding interview skills, potential interview questions and critical mind-sets towards any interview"

"The questions they asked were the same as my mock interview"

Benefits of mock interviews: Mock interviews offer at least five key benefits:

  1. An opportunity to practice questions with which you struggle.
  2. An opportunity to practice answering behavioural interview questions.
  3. An opportunity to boost your overall confidence.
  4. An opportunity to practice your interview soft skills.
  5. An opportunity to receive candid feedback to help you improve your skills.

Gain immediate access to Australia's leading interactive online career management system (including Tablet and Smartphone), plus flexible interactive online coaching/support that suits your location and schedule, with unlimited 24/7 hotline access to Australia's leading specialist career management consultants (with post graduate qualifications in career guidance management).

Personalised interview coaching will assist you to perform at your best every time to be the "most outstanding candidate".

"Displaying enthusiasm and confidence in an interview situation can often help candidates to beat more qualified competition with stronger technical skills."

Got an interview tomorrow?  Call us now on 1800 245 380 and we will help prepare you overnight...including a "mock interview"! (7 days a week)

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