Removing Career Barriers

Removing Career Barriers

Any person irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background can learn new skills and improve their chances of getting that new job or promotion.

Studies in neuroplasticity show that a healthy brain (any age), quickly responds to new learning and actually develops new connectors to facilitate this stimulation.  The old adage that “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is simply wrong…in fact, you can (as well as young dogs etc.).

The average person has about 60 to 80 thousand thoughts per day of which 95% are repeated every day (routine thinking).

Eighty per cent of these thoughts are negative and this is where the ACMA program assists in turning around these “automatic negative thoughts”, and provides training using Rapid Pathway Molding (RPM) techniques so that you visualize and understand that:

 I can change my career
 I can get that new job
 I can get that promotion
 I can perform well at an interview
 I can learn new skills
 I can do a new course to improve my marketability
 I can network effectively
 I can access the hidden job market
 I can market myself to employers
 I can adapt to a new workplace
 I can be emotionally intelligent
 I can manage workplace politics
 I can negotiate good outcomes
 I can win……

ACMA Career Management and Outplacement programs are focused on empowering clients to achieve the best possible outcomes by helping them to see, say and feel their skills, abilities, competencies and potential.  Using RPM techniques your ACMA consultant will work with you on issues that “hold you back” or are negative thoughts contributing to limiting your career objectives.

Most people’s IQ is fully developed by 19 years of age and cannot be enhanced by study etc.  Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed at any age.  EI is vitally important in today’s service-based economy where “soft skills” are critical in the modern workplace.

Your ACMA consultant will assist you to understand your EI and the principles behind it.  Information is everything in today’s world, so awareness of your personal EI and pathways to developing and improving it will potentially unlock many barriers to your career progression now and over the years to come.

People often complain that they missed out on that new job or promotion and have no idea why!  Could it be their lack of emotional intelligence or negativity?

Let your ACMA consultant work closely on these issues to free yourself from your negative thoughts and possible emotional barriers currently impacting on your career potential.

"I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life'. - Maya Angelou


ACMA creates successful career paths through detailed individual assessment, research and job market analysis, combined with expert personalised coaching.

Note: Career Development Association of  Australia research paper found that when professional career guidance occurred that the participant was 2.67 times more likely to secure a job. 

All program services can be delivered via our interactive online cloud-based career management "Career Talk" system and/or "one-on-one" in our Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Cairns or Auckland offices.



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