Soft skills matter

Soft skills matter

Whilst technology/AI impacts on all workplaces, it will be a person's soft skills that drive the careers of the future.

Not everyone will know or need to be able to code, but they will have to communicate effectively in an increasingly complex workplace.

The World Economic Forum has compiled the following list of future skills to be in demand (other than STEM disciplines)

Communication Skills

Good interpersonal and team skills are only part of the answer.  Effective communication in writing, orally and negotiating outcomes are critical to thrive in today's competitive and diverse work environments.

Organisational Skills

A highly organised person is an invaluable asset which Human Resource managers quickly identify.  The ability to track the progress of multiple projects, know the various stages and ensure completion of critical timelines is pivotal to today's workplace.


The ability to produce clear instructions, reports and correspondence underpins the agile team-based structures.  Writing demands a strong understanding of English expression which many candidates lack.  Good writing (and speaking) skills are the hallmark of true professionals, winners and leaders.

Customer Service

Irrespective of the industry or activity everyone has a it internal or external.  Building strong relationships with your customer base should always be a priority.  In the era of instant communications that ability to navigate relationships at all levels is very important.


Research is the ability to efficiently source, track and interpret information.   Data is the GOLD RUSH of the 21st century.  Maximising this potential via intelligent analysis of usually readily available data is the key to being viewed as a "living asset" by your employer.

Creativity and Innovation

Demand for talent across all sectors will be focused on these two attributes.  "AI" will perform repetitive tasks, however, humans will always be needed to develop and implement new ideas and concepts.

It should be noted that none of the above skills are either new or technical, however, the ongoing problem of students with poor literacy and interpersonal skills continues to plague commerce and industry throughout the western world.

A number of educational institutions in Australia are providing targeted adult training courses in soft skills in order to address these issues, as commerce and industry cannot rely on the traditional education system.

Soft skills are extremely important and are also highly transferable.

The good news is that anyone can learn or improve their soft skills... it's up to you!

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