Salary negotiation made simple

Salary negotiation made simple

Many employers and recruiters play on people's lack of knowledge to ensure that they pay the least for your valuable service...don't let this happen to you!

Obtaining the best possible salary package often depends more on attitude and negotiation prowess rather than your professional skills and expertise.

The brutal fact is that you don’t get the salary you deserve…you only get the salary that you negotiate!

  1. Do the research and KNOW your actual market value
  2. Never accept a first offer…ask for it in writing and just say that you will consider it overnight
  3. Submit your revised offer in writing (supported by detailed evidence)
  4. Then SHUT UP (pardon the language)…people often become nervous at this point and just keep talking
  5. Silence is golden in any negotiation situation
  6. Always be prepared to walk away (its your money)

If another offer is forthcoming and is still unsuitable, then revert to the above strategy points.

Be realistic, as you can only negotiate to your market value and nothing more. 

It is not about what you want or need, it can only be related to your actual market value.

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