INITIATIVE - what is it?

INITIATIVE - what is it?

Initiative is the most underrated personal attribute....without it you are lost!

Many personal and workplace issues should be able to be sorted out promptly.  Do you procrastinate or dither when presented with a problem?  Are you indecisive or unsure of your judgement? Scared of making a mistake or a wrong decision?

If you say yes to all of the above, then you certainly lack initiative.

Lack of initiative is not only a career killer, but it will also negatively impact on your personal life and relationships.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a bottle of initiative at the supermarket, you have to develop it.  No different from developing writing or reading skills...YOU CAN DO IT!

Start by being brave, think ahead and be prepared to take a risk.  Nothing wrong with a bad decision as long as you learn from the experience and avoid similar traps in the future. 

An indecisive person goes nowhere in life.  Be bold and develop a problem-solving structure that you can practice and apply when faced with a complex situation. 

Then make a considered decision and go with it (back your judgement)...take ownership of your problems. 

You are now using your "initiative".

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