Career development tips

Career development tips

Career development is an ongoing and life long journey.  Are you prepared to maximise your opportunities?

Many people miss important career development opportunities due to lack of preparation.  Try to implement the following actions into your daily schedule then you won't miss out:

  • Be ready to tell your career success in 1 - 2 minutes
  • Invest in yourself with ongoing education, training & professional development
  • Develop yourself as an expert in an area or issue that is important to the company
  • Be willing to ask for information, expertise or help
  • Specialise! Develop one or more skills that will be in demand for several years
  • Be open to opportunity; you never know when or where it will reveal itself
  • In every job you hold keep details of your accomplishments & improvements
  • First impressions are the key factor to career success at any level
  • Hire a professional when you want help in the complex task of career development
  • Keep current with your target market by reading what leaders in it are writing
  • State in 30 seconds or less what it is you offer and why you are an ideal FIT for the job
  • The danger of playing it safe with your career are silent killers
  • It is important to know where your are going with your career so that you can plan
  • Smart job seekers identify & clarify their target market
  • Don't be de-railed by the lack of support from others...your career is your responsibility
  • Retain accolades, awards, commendations & course certificates
  • Effective communication conveys your professionalism & confidence
  • It is essential to reenergise yourself & take a new look at life
  • Offering your expertise rather than "selling yourself" puts you in a different light
  • Keep your online profiles up to date; recruiters & employers are always on the lookout
  • Matching your skills, passions, values, talents and experience to job and career options is imperative
  • By leveraging your network in the proper way, you may never have to look for a job again
  • Your network is your most valuable career asset...far more important than a résumé
  • Join a professional association in your industry and become active

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