What is your career pathway?

What is your career pathway?

Careers are like going away on a holiday trip. You have to plan and book before you leave or it simply will not happen.

Holidays are fun, but your career is vital to fund your home, family, lifestyle and of course your holidays.

The foundation for developing a realistic career pathway is detailed research and analysis from an individual level, plus local and international labour market conditions and micro and macroeconomic factors.  Jobs and careers can only be built on growth sectors of the economy, otherwise, it is a journey to nowhere.

Self-assessment is a common illusion, similar to self-diagnosing an illness that can only be properly conducted by a qualified medical practitioner.  Nevertheless, an objective assessment of a persons’ actual value to the employment market is an essential starting point.

Providing the correct information has been obtained, a qualified career consultant can then construct and present career pathway options for clients to consider.

“Buy-in” must be achieved to enable the career practitioner to then design a realistic career pathway.

Most career pathways will have a number of steps along the way to achieve a specific career goal. 

Commitment, flexibility and continual learning are the fuel to ultimate career success.

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