WARNING…use your lay off time wisely and energetically as COVID-19 won’t last forever

 WARNING…use your lay off time wisely and energetically as COVID-19 won’t last forever

These are tough times for anyone who has been laid off or retrenched.

Having now experienced four recessions let me share some insights with you from my life journey as an employee, employer and career counsellor.

  • It does not last forever…economic contraction is always followed by economic expansion
  • It will be confronting, and everyone will be hurt to some extent
  • Accept that there will be big changes to the way we live and work in the future
  • Be prepared to change and adapt to this new world of work (don’t fight it)

So how can you help yourself to survive the turmoil?

Whilst we must all look after our immediate family and friends, you cannot change the world.  Your world has suddenly grown very small and pressurised, so love and support those around you, including yourself.

Make the most of the opportunity presented by being isolated at home and having plenty of spare time.  Plan for your career and lay a solid foundation for returning to the workforce.

  • Have your resume redesigned and compliant with current recruitment protocols
  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimised and COMPLETE
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and expand your connections
  • Write articles and engage with connections to raise your public profile to be seen as an active person in your chosen career
  • Social media is now everything in building your personal brand and engaging with the wider world…ignore it at your own peril
  • Join professional or industry organisations and start networking
  • Develop a detailed and realistic career plan NOW
  • Complete online courses to enhance and broaden your skillset
  • Seek professional assistance earlier rather than later

Most of all, don’t waste this time.  Use it effectively to manage your return to the workforce.

Remember that most of the candidates that you will eventually be competing against are currently actively doing all of the above, plus much more.

The old adage that “the early bird gets the worm” is just as relevant in these troubled times.

Don’t get overwhelmed and use excuses that you are unable or haven’t got the knowledge to complete these tasks as the internet now provides numerous resources, help and opportunities.

Your future depends on what you do today!

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