Use a career consultant to drive your career

Use a career consultant to drive your career

ACMA career consultants objectively assess their clients’ education, training, and experience and identify the best options for their career development or transition.

This can be a very exciting process, as it involves rediscovering skills and strengths in a new light, finding possibilities that are often surprising.

Your career consultant will pinpoint effective ways to develop your career or enter new fields, clarifying and refining any further training needed to market the client directly to prospective employers.

Listen to these client's recent feedback:

"Thank you for all your help - particularly kick-starting my new approach to a career".

"Thank you again for all your help and invaluable advice and coaching along the way which helped me secure this opportunity". 

Maximise your career opportunities (internally or externally)'s never too late and it's never too early, so act NOW.

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