Talk to your manager

Talk to your manager

One of the major reasons people cite for leaving a job is that they don’t like their manager, but is it always the manager’s fault?

In any human relationship, it is incumbent of both parties to contribute and nurture its growth.  Responsibility goes both ways even in what may seem an “unequal” relationship (employee/manager for example).

Adults need to be adults…sorry to be so blunt.

Case study:

In my capacity as a career counsellor, a client told me that she wanted a career change as she did not like her boss. 

Let’s unpack her story:

1. Disliking your superior is no reason for a career change.  Maybe finding a similar job with another company but not a total career change.

2. Why didn’t she like her manager?  I asked this question a number of times until she said: "I don’t really know".

3. Again pushing the issue I asked had they ever argued and the answer was NO…she just felt ignored and not important.

4. Had she ever spoken to the manager about her feelings…NO

5. Had she expressed her concerns to other staff members…NO

So I summarised the situation focusing on the fact that no one could address her concerns because they were completely oblivious to her thoughts.

I then suggested that maybe she really didn’t need a career change and that a “heart to heart” talk with her manager or HR was worth pursuing (and it worked).

This scenario is played out in workplaces throughout the country every day, with potentially disastrous results for both employers and their staff.

So take charge of your life, step up and have a talk with your manager you may be pleasantly surprised, if not what have you lost?

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