Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation

What do other people know about salary negotiation that I don’t?

Simply stated when you are negotiating your next salary you need to be informed, strategic and competent in wage negotiation techniques.

Many employers and recruiters play on people's lack of salary negotiation knowledge to ensure that they pay the least for your valuable service...don't let this happen to you!

Obtaining the best possible wage level often depends more on attitude and negotiation prowess rather than your professional skills and expertise.

Our salary negotiation program is designed to ensure that you achieve the best possible remuneration outcomes (whether you are a C Level executive or simply a rising star).

Your salary negotiation is a journey.  With our online systems, 24-hour unconditional hotline support and the help of our consultants we will ensure that all efforts are targeted at obtaining the best results for you...coaching you throughout the process.

Become skilled to concisely present your case and conduct salary negotiations effectively without compromising your overall position...effective salary negotiation requires knowledge, tactics and vision...salary negotiating is tough and often unpleasant work but necessary if you want to be paid fairly, get a raise or that next promotion.

  1. Assistance from a qualified career management consultant to provide tangible solutions and specific techniques to maximise your short and long term salary levels.
  2. Intensive personal and online support, plus researched assistance at all stages of your salary negotiations to ensure the classic "win-win" solution that leaves everyone feeling they have accomplished something positive.
  3. Final contract perusal and recommendations.  Nobody should enter any contract without knowing exactly the implications...unfortunately many people simply sign employment contracts because they are so complex and detailed, and feel pressured to quickly finalise the documents to "get on with the job" while endeavouring to keep everyone happy.
  4. 24/7 (toll-free 1800 CVITAE) telephone hotline support service.  This is probably the major resource of our program having an objective/skilled person available to speak to and advise you during those critical, tense and highly emotional salary negotiation moments.
  5. Learn life-long salary negotiation skills to ensure the maximisation of future salary increases.  In most cases, the benefits of our program will endure for many years to come.
  6. Defining your professional worth in the job market NOW means setting the standard for all future salary negotiations over the next 5 to 10 years (and beyond).
  7. Accept the fact that you don't get the salary level you deserve; you get the salary you negotiate!

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