Redundant workers…listen carefully

Redundant workers…listen carefully

Being made redundant can feel like being thrown into the middle of an ocean with no life jacket, and you are not alone with these distressful feelings…it really sucks!

Hopefully, your employer has provided you with outplacement support which will be of immense assistance, and if not, you have simply been “thrown to the sharks”.

Having helped thousands of people in this situation I understand these emotions and feelings deeply. 

I would like to share some advice for you to move forward in the first few weeks (after the event):

  • The pain will go away. Not overnight, but overtime
  • Be kind to yourself, nurture that beautiful spirit and don’t look back
  • Take a break and if possible, go away for a holiday
  • A job search is actually a job in itself, and should be tackled in the same way as work
  • The effort required is at least six hours per day, five days per week
  • Do not let personal issues or responsibilities deflect you from your job search, it must come first
  • Get help and get it quickly, as most people do not have the necessary job search skills for a modern and complex recruitment process

The most important message that I can give you is to develop a set daily routine and stick to it religiously.  The most common mistake redundant people make is to just do whatever “comes up” and go with the flow.

You need to be laser focused on your job search and not allow any exceptions to this rule…its hard, its tough and there are no short cuts.

Routine is a part of nature. Think about the regularity and predictability of the seasons.  Daily routines frame our days and ensure that “things get done” and a job search is no different.

The absence of a definable routine and daily structure will quickly ruin a job search and potentially condemn you to months or even years of soul destroying unemployment.

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