Powerful interview strategies

Powerful interview strategies

Follow these two simple but very powerful interview strategies to get the job your want.

1. When preparing for an interview

Use the bullet points in a job advertisement as questions.  For example, if a bullet point states that you must have good communication skills, turn it into a question like "Tell me about a workplace situation where you had to negotiate a difficult outcome?"

Now develop and practice your response to this question.

2. When at the interview

Ask the interviewer "Why did you select me for an interview?"

This is not as silly as it might first appear.  It shows that you are proactive and it will gain the respect of the interviewer.  It will certainly reveal the qualities and skills that they identified in you, which then gives you the opportunity to explain how you are an excellent match for their specifications, or for you to elaborate on an aspect that they have not mentioned and how that would also add value to their organisation.

Interviews are a two way conversation between interested parties.  You must always push your suitability by providing examples of your great FIT for the position, by giving examples of how you have successfully performed these tasks in the past.

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