Outplacement firms

Outplacement firms

Businesses are under extreme pressure from online shopping and tight economic conditions.

Reducing employee numbers is really tough, but it occasionally has to be done by many small and large businesses.

People have limited re-employment options in difficult times in Australia and need intensive help to gain employment or to move on with their lives.  These are not small or easily resolved life issues.

When enforced workplace change happens, former employees are often emotionally devastated requiring carefully crafted support on many levels.  Business's have an ongoing responsibility for their retrenched workers and face potential unlimited common law liabilities for their welfare.

ACMA has assisted many businesses to downsize or close their operations throughout Australia.  This expertise and understanding of retail businesses and their unique needs and personalities is critical in delivering effective Outplacement services.

Don't allow an inexperienced outplacement provider to deliver inappropriate programs to your former staff!

Whether you are a large, medium or small retailer we have the expertise to assist with tailored outplacement support.

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