Job search time-wasting (fishing in the wrong pond or with the wrong bait)

Job search time-wasting (fishing in the wrong pond or with the wrong bait)

Job search time-wasting (fishing in the wrong pond or with the wrong bait).

A job search is not a “cottage industry” and like anything else in life, there is a right and a wrong way in conducting a productive job search.

A productive job search I define as a set of actions that regularly results in gaining interviews and ultimately the job that you want…nothing else matters.

Productivity I define as the least amount of effort needed to quickly achieve your career objectives.

Sitting behind your computer for hour after hour applying for advertised jobs can be a "black hole" waste of time, and there is plenty of evidence to validate this statement.

Just because you are a skilled engineer, sales-person or whatever does not immediately equate to being a skilled job seeker.  It is an entirely different skillset needed by all levels of personnel.

FISHING IN THE WRONG POND OR WITH THE WRONG BAIT (sometimes no bait) can cost people tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity loss, plus psychological damage.

A successful professional job search is a complex process on multiple levels of activities embracing detailed assessment, regional trends, industry research, job market statistical analysis, tactical planning, macro and microeconomic research, document management, application tracking, connecting with people and targeted job applications, or sometimes no job applications and just "strategically positioning yourself".

It is certainly not all about your resume or CV (a provocative statement but true).  Too much focus on your resume is a distracting folly and time-waster.

Many people are simply ”under-gunned” when forced into a job search.  The fact is you should have been preparing for this eventuality years ago and not when the “tide has gone out” and you are stranded on the sand.

Over recent years recruitment processes have become sophisticated and built around artificial intelligence systems.

If you do not understand these changes and how to navigate your way through the maze, then engage professional assistance immediately and stop wasting your time and career opportunities before the situation becomes a personal crisis.

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