Is your career sleepwalking to nowhere?

Is your career sleepwalking to nowhere?

The world of work is changing fast.  Will you still be relevant in the not too distant future.

Recent studies have shown that 22% of people simply fell into their job, whilst 23% feel that they are going nowhere.  That adds up to a massive 45% of the time to waste if you fall into either of these categories.  You are seriously at risk of becoming completely irrelevant to tomorrow's employment market.

It is interesting to note that predictions about the displacement of workers due to AI (artificial intelligence) almost match the above 45% statistic.

ACMA's Advanced Vocational Assessment program is the ideal solution to managing your near term career needs and pathways by providing two detailed reports of actions and options available to you...don't wait until it is too late and opportunies have bypassed you.

Whilst there are many study options on the internet, how do you know what is the best or most relevant to your career future.  Be wary of universities, TAFE's and RTO's selling certificate, diploma or degree courses.  Unfortuntely, many of these organisations are simply "fee driven" and in our experience will tell prospective students virtually anything to sign them up.

Many students have paid thousands of dollars to complete a course only to ultimately find that there are very limited job opportunities available...if any ("I wish I had known that four years ago" is their common lament).

ACMA's Module 1 Assessment process is very detailed and will take most people a week to complete (online).  Nevertheless, once a client has completed these assessments, we then have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the person covering skills, competencies, education, experience, work history, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, career goals, personal circumstances, personality and much more...

A client recently said "You are so good in knowing a person".

Let an ACMA qualified career consultant personally assist you to make GOOD retraining decisons by:

  • Identifying jobs of the future
  • Looking at industry and regional trends
  • Nominating suitable courses and relavant training
  • Recommending realistic career options

Don't sleepwalk blindly into the it is YOUR FUTURE AT STAKE!

Note: Corporate options available

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