BURN OUT the Workplace Epidemic

BURN OUT the Workplace Epidemic

What is burnout and how can you address this modern scourge.

If your career is out of control and overtaking all aspects of your work and private life this simply cannot continue.

People often respond by removing themselves from the workplace by leaving their job and then continue with this destructive practice in their new job...nothing gained or resolved.

In essence two actions are required to break this vicious cycle:

1. Review your approach

Closely examine your thought patterns and identify why you have this overriding need to submerge yourself totally in your job.  Is it based on a perfectionist attitude or perhaps a lack of a healthy social life and/or close personal relationships?

If it is due to an uncaring employer pushing employee's over the edge you need to take immediate action to bring this to the attention of HR or other authorities.

2. Manage your workload

This can be a contentious area as it is really your responsibility to raise this issue with your employer...they may not be aware of your situation.  All employers are legally required to provide a safe workplace environment for all their employee's.

The other immediate option is to learn how to say the word "NO" to long working hours and being over loaded.

These are all complex issues that can negatively impact on people's health and in particular family relationships.  

Burn out is very sneaky and can quietly creep up until a person realises that something is out of balance and that they cannot continue in this manner.

The major takeaway is that there is really only one person who can change the situation and that person is YOU.

Take positive action and change your life today!

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