Be open to possibilities

Be open to possibilities

Rapid changes in the workplace will create both winners and losers.

Which one are you going to be?

Those who track these changes and quickly respond will thrive...the individual worker is not totally powerless.

Growth sectors and labour demands are constantly monitored and published by both the Federal and State governments.  These statistics are readily available for forward planning and career decision making purposes.

Good career planning is now more important than ever in order to maintain your relevance to tomorrow's workforce.  Managing your career and ongoing professional development is the key to your future prosperity.

Unfortunately there will be many casualties over the coming years, but the warning is out there.  Therefore inaction is not an option.  

"Be open to possibilities" at all times, and be prepared to move with the changing economy and the new world of work.  

Remain agile and adaptable, and ensure that your managers are aware of your flexible and open attitude.  Regular conversations with your Human Resources department will reinforce your positioning ahead of other employees.

The employment revolution that is currently descending on the world is momentous.  Being prepared to change and evolve is the mind set of a survivor, as many people are about to be violently swept away and to never re-enter the workforce again.

Stay informed and vigilant as the AI revolution relentlessly decimates many workplaces.

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